Whither Scoopy?

I grew up with Scoopy's Straws. To be accurate, "Scoopy's® Tuff Tip™ Brand Flexible Straws".

I was born in 1959 in Redwood City, California. There was always a box of Scoopy's Straws to be found in our home. I took them for granted - the box was always replaced when the last box ran dry - Scoopy was a fixture in that one spot in the corner cupboard. Even as an adult, though there was little need in my life for flexi straws, there were always a few rows of octagonally shaped Scoopy's Straws boxes neatly lined up on a shelf at any grocery store i found myself in - frequently found in the ice cream aisle, along with Scoopy's Cones, which ruled the frozen confectionary cone roost. Even just a couple of years ago, my wife would buy Scoopy's Straws from time to time..

But no more. Scoopy's Straws seem to have disappeared. We had noticed their absence about a year and a half ago. Bland, store-brand straws took their place. Intrigued, I recently went on a search for them at local stores, to no avail. Raley's, Safeway, Albertsons, Longs, Rite-Aid, even the dreaded Wal-Mart, all bereft of the Safe-T Cone Clown.

I searched the net. Every nook and cranny. I found one obscure reference - A firm that specializes in assisting the process of companies changing hands had the following One-liner, quote:

   Richardson Foods Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Quaker Oats Company, sold the assets of its Safe-T Pacific Division to Joy Cone Company

Safe-T Pacific Company manufactured Scoopy's Straws (more on that later). But that's all I could find. Richardson Foods is barely represented on the net - it may or may not be Baldwin-Richardson Foods, the only specifically named manifestation - but certainly no mention of Scoopy's Straws attached. No mentions on the Quaker Oats website. No mention on the Joy Cone website. No Joy to be found.

Eventually however, I found a nugget of gold. A small antiques dealer in Lake Tahoe California had a website (now gone) and on that site I found for sale a box of Scoopy's Straws from the 1960's! There was no stopping me. I emailed them, and a couple of days later....


I could not have hoped for more.

The familiar face of "Scoopy", The Safe-T-Cone Clown.

The "Tuff Tip"™ , a patented feature.

Here's a link to the patent for the Tuff Tip [click the "Images" button on the patent search page to see the actual patent].

A view of the Brand text on the box.

And such a bargain!

But the real kicker for me was learning that the Safe-T Pacific Company was based in Redwood City, my home town! 2500 Middlefield Road to be exact. I'd never noticed that little detail, right on the Scoopy's Straws box. Imagine that.

Do you have any information pertaining to Scoopy's Straws (or even cones for that matter), the Safe-T Pacific Company, or anything related? Please drop me a line - paul@anastrophe.com. I'd enjoy learning more.